Do you want to be a star and revolutionize the ERP world? Your creativity is the only thing that can stop you

Vince was formed in 2010 by former consultants with a common goal of making ERP better. We provide consulting services with a focus on creating applications that help our customers get the best out of their ERP system. Our goal is to be forward-looking and cover gaps in the market that no one else has covered with our applications.

Are you a knowledge-seeking, ambitious and innovative person who wants to take part in something bigger, and work towards some of the biggest companies?

Vince has great ambitions and plans for further growth and we strive to make our existing customers - over 100 well-known brands - even more satisfied. The applications we develop save our customers thousands of hours already, but we want to make it even easier for them. That`s why we need YOU, a skilled and customer-focused developer! Apply for the position and take part in our journey.

We want to expand and are building a development team here in Norway. We are therefor looking for problem solvers with the skills to make the company more innovative and think in new directions. You will have the opportunity to be a part of something that thousands of people will use in their everyday lives. It is therefore important that you can familiarise yourself with the customer`s processes and expectations.

In this role you will have an extended responsibility and gain great ownership of the application you are working on. You will have free rein to think new and innovative and implement this further. The most important thing to succeed in this role is that you are curious, interested and willing to learn new things, while building on your past experiences.

Other than that, we hope that you:

  • have higher education and longer work experience
  • have experience with business systems and software
  • have good communication skills either in Norwegian or English

If you identify as frontend, backend or fullstack is not that important for us. What`s important is that you have an understanding of what it means to work with software and have longer experience within data structure, algorithm design or system architecture. You may also have experience within some of these areas:

  • General: Javascript, Typescript and Serverless
  • Frontend: Vue or similar (React and Angular), Nuxt or similar (Next), CSS, Component thinking (Storyboard), State container/management like Vuex, Pinia or similar (Redux, Recoil, Zustand etc)
  • Backend: REST API, Lambda, API Gateway, Step Functions, EventBridge, SQS, DynamoDB, OpenSearch, Microservices & Event driven architecture

As a valued part of our team, you will play a crucial role in the development of our applications . You will take part of a team working across different subject areas where we lean on each other for knowledge and advice. Your particular voice will play an important role in defining the future of the company. It will help drive our processes, manage how we carry out our work, how we work together and how we can relate to our many external partners.

We are simply looking for you who, with the help of new technology, will come and take the company to the next step. With your help, we can achieve the goal of being the leading player in the market with our applications. The world may see challenges, but you see obstacles as opportunities for further growth and development.

Why should you choose Vince?

  • Salary up-to: competitive
  • Hybrid: Flexible with home office

We can offer you a workplace where you can develop your personal and professional skills, in a social and knowledge-driven environment. We appreciate our employees and understand that our lives can get hectic, therefore we offer a flexible solutions in terms of working hours and locations. Not to mention competitive compensation for your great work, including insurance and pension.

The most important thing for us is that our employees are well taken care of and love their job, that’s why we love gathering the team for social happenings. And let’s not forget about an extra holiday week for you to relax.

Do you have an inner drive to work on something meaningful and make a change? Then we encourage you to apply! Contact Lilet Milena on tlf. 414 58 610 or Alexandra Panina on tlf. 464 75 807, if you have any questions.